Thursday, December 8, 2011

My son's work

My son likes drawing and we share the same teacher. :) So here are some of the wild beast drawings of my son. We had framed those while taking pictures, so one can see the glass and camera flash colliding each other :)

He generally likes to do only animals and only pencil shading and oil pastels. These samples are one with oil pastels.

More madhubani

After the mega project (as posted earlier) I told that I would do something which will finish in few classes. :) So , here comes another 'Ganesha' in madhubani style.

One difference is that I used acrylic(my craft paints) and for black outlining it is indian ink which comes in bottle.(unfortunately it is not water proof, but it has that rich black look).

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Mega project : Ananta shayanam

Finally I am done with the mega (like ekta kapoor mega serials) project 'Ananta shayanam' .This is another of my kerala mural.
Done on canvas cloth, with acrylic colors, outlined with black indian ink.

It took lot of efforts to get the intial design and make the fingers,toes,face right.
Then it involved tracing, outling with red paint. Then started the coloring in numberous coats of watery acrylic,. oooph, so finally done.

I will shortly update the post with the picture. Then I will get it framed :)

Sorry :) it took me so long time to take the picture and upload. Here it is ...

Close up ...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

More madhubani

Its been long time since I posted my class pictures.
Here are some of my madhubani.

Also , this is another attempt of kerala mural, before I head towards the mega project

Monday, June 6, 2011

Warli - pillar in front of the house(Sagara)

Here is another attempt of warli on a pillar.
This is done in my mom's place with vinu's help.
We put up terracotta paint before hand and then painting warli on it with white enamel.

My other pencil shadings

Its been 2 months I havent attended drawing classes. These are some of pencil shading portraits I did before I went on vacation.
This wednesday classes will start, and hope to do more of portraits. I have been searching for a nice picture of my son, but couldnt find any. He used to be photographic when he was young, but these days he makes all kinds of faces when he sees any camera :)

Pencil shading - Nitya

I tried to do my daughter's sketch with pencil.
Here it is. I laminated the paper later, as it might get smudged.
I printed her photo for reference. Sorry , somehow I cannot turn the photo.
I will try to turn and post more.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oil painting

My recent oil painting.
This is from an old calendar, which is about famous Mysore Dasara.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Portrait with pencil shading...

This is another portrait of some unknown cute(Gumm..) girl.
Done on 8X12 paper with pencil.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pencil shading - 2011

This is another of my recent pencil shading.
I liked the 'Buddha' and thought of doing it so in pencil.

I also plan to do it in color ,preferably in oils.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Pen and Ink ...

These are the work with pen and ink. It is done with kind of sharpie pen.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Traditional Rangoli outside ...

I tried to give a traditional touch by painting rangoli on the walls outside my house.
I chose two designs depending on the size of the wall area.

Here it is ..

Warli in my house

This is the warli painting on wall, near the stairs after all the remodelling. We had asked the painter to apply the terracotta base coat on the wall.
We had to do when my daughter is not around, as she would smudge or try her hands on :)

Needle work

My Needle is sad, that it is not getting its turn to enter in the blog.
So thought of putting few of needle's work. :)
I havent taken many pictures, so only posting the ones in my laptop.

Kadai kamal stitched on chudidar top

Work in progress work on saree ..

My entry to do a small hand bag with macrame threads.This is for my cell and keys while walking in the park :) Hope I go for walks :)

Havent finished yet, but it almost reached the end.

Colored pencil - Birds

These are one of my best work, but the photography is one of my worst :)
I tried to click it while it is in frame and hung on the wall. You can see my image/shadow
and the camera :(

I will post better ones later sometimes. You know how lazy I am :)

Kerala murals

Here are the kerala murals I did. I gave them to some of my friends.
My first attempt of kerala mural was a abstract one.

Second one was a krishna. Third one , I got the picture from internet.

And now , I am doing another, which is still pending to be finished.

Madhubani paintings on hand made paper

These are madhubani paintings done on hand made paper.
I did these with poster colors and craft acrylic paints.

Bengal Art ...

More work of Jamini Roy. This I did on hand made paper with poster colors.