Monday, February 28, 2011

Warli - another folk art

Warli - another tribal art of maharastra. My attempts are here.
I also did couple of cusion covers and on a hand bag, will post the pictures later.

For Kids Room

These are some of the paintings I did for Kids room when they were young.
Some are on cloth used like a wall hanging and some are for the door. My Son loved dinosaur and flowers, butterflies and ducks for my daughter :). Some are around 3 ft in width and have used craft acrylic paints.

Bengal Art form

These paintings are originally from an artist called Jamini Roy from Bengal.
It has a unique eye and style in the pictures.
Some of the paintings I did on paper with poster colors.

Madhubani paintings

Madhubani is originally from Bihar. It is a kind of folk painting done with natural colors.
But our version is modified to use the poster colors on paper.

Very few Oil Pastels

Oil pastels is the medium I havent explored much. In fact, that might be the one which I dont like. Nikhil has used it for some of his works.
Anyway, I am posting few of oil pastels and in future if I might add a few more.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I still have many pictures to post in different categories, but I think it will be too much for a day.

But one thing I am sure, that I have to allign properly to take the pictures.
After seeing the posts, I realised that when I took snap, the book was slant etc, so objects seems like leaning tower. :) See u again.

Pencil shading - 1999

These are done around 1999 :) . Self taught from Navneet books.
Photos seem to have faded huh! I took the snap with glass on the sketch, u can see the light reflection.

Ganesha- My favorite

My first Ganesha in Oil. It is not a traditional kind.
This is my attempt to learn the traditional tanjore with a modern style ganesh.
I will post more of 'Ganesha' in upcoming posts.
After a long time I am finding some time to post. Though I have been going to the drawing class regularly, I felt lazy to do the writeup and post the pictures.

These delicious apples and the lady are done with color pencil. Yummy !