Monday, June 6, 2011

Warli - pillar in front of the house(Sagara)

Here is another attempt of warli on a pillar.
This is done in my mom's place with vinu's help.
We put up terracotta paint before hand and then painting warli on it with white enamel.

My other pencil shadings

Its been 2 months I havent attended drawing classes. These are some of pencil shading portraits I did before I went on vacation.
This wednesday classes will start, and hope to do more of portraits. I have been searching for a nice picture of my son, but couldnt find any. He used to be photographic when he was young, but these days he makes all kinds of faces when he sees any camera :)

Pencil shading - Nitya

I tried to do my daughter's sketch with pencil.
Here it is. I laminated the paper later, as it might get smudged.
I printed her photo for reference. Sorry , somehow I cannot turn the photo.
I will try to turn and post more.