Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally Mega project : Ananta shayanam

Finally I am done with the mega (like ekta kapoor mega serials) project 'Ananta shayanam' .This is another of my kerala mural.
Done on canvas cloth, with acrylic colors, outlined with black indian ink.

It took lot of efforts to get the intial design and make the fingers,toes,face right.
Then it involved tracing, outling with red paint. Then started the coloring in numberous coats of watery acrylic,. oooph, so finally done.

I will shortly update the post with the picture. Then I will get it framed :)

Sorry :) it took me so long time to take the picture and upload. Here it is ...

Close up ...


  1. wow!! such a beautiful painting it is....painting with dots must be very difficult to do..

  2. Very beautiful one I am sharing in my posts of Sriman Narayaneeyam