Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Madhubani on Ikea paper shade

Ikea paper shade was lying around from long time without being used. So this time, I thought would make it little more colorful and hang it inside during Diwali(Indian festival of lights).
Here it is ..

Chitrakala parishat- annual fair

Just like every year, this time also we had the fair in chitrakala parishat which showcases various types of art and textiles from different states of India. It is always pleasure to visit them. Here are some glimpses...

Diwali diyas

This time with kids I tried to decorate the existing terracotta diyas. I had tons of paint left over :)
Thought it would be good time for kids as well.

Here are how they look in the process...

TAST12- Arrowhead

Next is Arrowhead. Same with this stitch too, though it seems simple, never tried to attempt it.

TAST 12- portugese border stitch

This week it is portugese border stitch. I have used the same kadai kamal thread, Also I attempted in regular anchor thread. Here are the pictures.

TAST 46 - Magic chain

This time it is magic chain. Though it is simple, I havent used or did the stitch before.
Here is my attempt of the stitch.

TAST 12- week 44,45-closed based needle woven picot

This is also my first attempt in this stitch. I used the kadai kamal thread. Both the open and closed based needle woven picot is present. For leaf I used the open base, and for the petals used the closed based.

TAST12-week 43-buttonhole wheel cup

Its been so long since I updated my stitches. This is my first attempt on this stitch.

Friday, October 19, 2012

TAST12-week 42 Italian border stich

This stich is kind of easy. I used the same kadai kamal thread.

Link taking back to TAST12

TAST12 - week 41 - knotted loop stitch

This is just a attempt at the stitch. Havent tried this stitch before. Used the kadai kamal thread.

Link taking back to TAST

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

TAST12-beaded hedebo edge

 This week stitch is beaded hedebo edge. I used the kadai kamal thread and wooden beads.
It took me some time to get the bead at home to fit my thread and needle.
And this might be the first time I am trying any stitch as early as Tuesday. , main reason being today was a holiday for me :)
This is the first time I tried this stitch. It looks awesome to edge. Havent thought of using it in other motifs/yokes yet.

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Sunday, September 30, 2012

TAST12-week 39 - Knotted buttonhole

This week in TAST it is knotted buttonhole. It looks very similar to the up and down buttonhole. But has a knot. I tried this for the first time. It is quite easy.

Here is the link taking back to TAST

Sunday, September 16, 2012

TAST12 - week 37 - Pistil stitch

In TAST12, week 37 is pistil stitch. It is very nice and looks exactly like pistil.
Here are my effort in learning that and using in a motif.

Link taking back to TAST

TAST 12- week 36- catchup

In TAST, week36 was catchup week,
Here is the yoke I did for my daughter's dress.
Used anchor cotton thread,miror. Stitches used are basque,chain,buttonhole,herringbone,backstitch.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

TAST12 - week 35- sheaf stitch

This week in TAST it is sheaf stitch. I had never tried it before. It is simple and elegant.
Here are my attempt on this stitch.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

TAST 12 - week 32 cast on stitch

I was left behind , and didnt get time to attempt the week 32 stitch.
It was just because I wanted to try on thicker thread than usual anchor dmc 6strands.Here is my first attempt. Now I used the kadai kamal thread .

TAST12 - week 33- Pekinese stitch

Week 33 of TAST has Pekinese stitch. Here are my trials as a beginner.

TAST12-week 34- Linked double chain

 This week stitch called linked double chain is very new to me.
This is my first time attempt of Linked double chain.
I will post the sample motif using this stitch later.

Here is the link taking back to TAST12.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tast12-week 31-algerian eye

This week it is algerian eye stitch. This is the first time I am trying this stitch.
Quite good. Though it is very easy,  lot of variations can be done.
Here are few variations, I tried.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

TAST12 - week 30 oyster stitch

It is week30 of TAST12.
And the stitch is oyster.
I used six strands of anchor cotton, so that it is visible in counted crossstitch aida cloth.
I still couldnt use this stich in a motif or design. Still in the process of searching for a suitable design.
Here are my attempts of oyster stitch. Here is the link taking back to TAST

Saturday, July 21, 2012

TAST12- Week 29 - Basquet stitch

This week in TAST was basque. I like this stitch :)
Here are my attempts.

Here I used the stitch as a motif on chudidar top.I scattered such motifs on the top.Added beads :) in two colors. Used gold thread.. Top is cotton silk kind of.
 Here is the link taking you back to TAST12