TAST 12 - week 8 - chain stitch

Week8 stitch is chain stitch. Though we learned this stitch from childhood, didnt explore much.
Here is my attempt to complete the design only in chain stitch.
It is done on cotton silk material, with embroidery floss.

Here is the link taking back to week 8 TAST12


  1. Beautiful. I like your stitching and color choices.

  2. Preethu,
    I visited your blog.
    (Came from TAST).
    Your paintings are awesome.
    Keep doing dear.

  3. Chain stitch does make a good outline! Pretty colors, too.
    Gail (PS I was so confused when I came here because both our blogs use the same blogspot background!)

  4. I love the color, and the patern. and your stitchs are so regular (? I'm not sure for the word)


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