Monday, March 26, 2012

Another kerala mural - saraswathi

Another kerala mural attempt.
This is also work in progress.

Here is the image of the completed work.
Done in acrylic on canvas.

More madhubani

Here is work in progress madhubani.
This time, I started drawing with black ink first and then will apply the color later.

More of jamini roy

I started doing more jamini roy and here is the radha. Did it on handmade paper with added advantage of not having to paint the background.

TAST 12 - week 12 - barred chain

Here is my attempt in barred chain. This is the first time I am doing this.
Somehow my stitches are so crooked. I still didnt develop liking for this stitch. :(

Here is the link back to tast12

TAST 12 - week 11 - whipped wheels

My attempt on whipped wheels.
Also in this I have used the thick kadai kamal thread.
Here is the link taking back to tast12

TAST 12 - week 10 - Running stitch

Here is a sample of running stitch.
I did some more running stitch in kantha embroidery style which I will upload later.

Here is the link back to TAST12

TAST 12 - week 9 - couching

Its been long time since I posted the weekly stitches. I was out of station for sometime attending functions and got busy.
Here is my attempt in couching.

I used kadai kamal thread and pink embroidery thread for couching.

Here is the link back to TAST12