Friday, June 22, 2012

More watercolors- flowers

More flowers in watercolors One of them has highlights done with ink


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mini challenge - week 23

This is another design using around 6 stitches for the mini challenge in TAST
Stitches used are herringbone,stem,running,satin,french knot,fly stitch.

The design is done on silk with anchor cotton threads.

TAST12 - week 25 - cable chain

 I tried cable chain in this design. I am planning to use this as a yoke to a dress. so it is kind of neckline.
Done with cotton anchor 3 strands. I dressed up with some beads and sequins.

Here is the link taking back to TAST

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Watercolors - flowers

Again I started watercolors and thought of doing some flowers this time.
Here are the two I did in last class ...

TAST12 - week 23 - mini challenge

This week is kind of catch up. Though Sharon says upto 8 stitch, I used only 3 stitches with some seed beeds and tube beads to dress up.
Here it is ...

Here is the link to TAST12

TAST12 - week 22 - knotted cretan

Here is my attempt on knotted cretan. This was the first time I tried this stitch and seemed quite good.

Here is the link taking back to TAST12
Usually I try to incorporate weekly stitch into some garment, but by the time I think about the design and the stitch and color , next week appears :)