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TAST12-beaded hedebo edge

 This week stitch is beaded hedebo edge. I used the kadai kamal thread and wooden beads.
It took me some time to get the bead at home to fit my thread and needle.
And this might be the first time I am trying any stitch as early as Tuesday. , main reason being today was a holiday for me :)
This is the first time I tried this stitch. It looks awesome to edge. Havent thought of using it in other motifs/yokes yet.

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  1. It's lovely to have a holiday and time to stitch! Your Beaded Hedebo stitches look neat.

  2. Love your stitched hedebo sample, and what a great idea to use the wooden beads. Love it all.

  3. Replies
    1. quite nice! my first time with this stitch too :)


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