Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy New Year and Happy Sankranti :)

Its been so long time since I posted anything in my blog.
So many things are going on and it only feels that I had more time :).
Last week our art class had a exhibition conducted displaying best works of their students.
It was a exhibition cum sale. The art works were from kids of age 7 till say 65(may be my MILs)

For the exhibition , the adults in the class had prepared and did so much of hardwork, right from selecting the pictures, collecting them from students, framing, labeling, making the layout  of the exhibits, so on and so forth. Our teacher, Mythri has done a fantastic job in taking care of each and every details and making sure it upto perfection.

Waiting for the availability of the hall, waiting for the people from the Bday party to finish eating to
Putting up the screens, putting up the paintings, clearing up the chairs , arranging the tables etc etc
was nothing but a fun filled activity.
Here are some of the pictures I could take during this...